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DNV GL 243 147 Wikeby

Cap Marine Consultants developed DNV’s classroom Docking Management course in 2009 and later the joint DNV GL course in 2014. We are delivering the course word-wide on behalf of DNV…

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Zener Maritime Solutions

Zener Maritime Solutions 405 250 Wikeby

To better serve our customers during the COVID-19 crisis, Cap Marine Consultants have entered into a strategic partnership with Zener Maritime Solutions. Zener pioneered the full-service marine inspection company concept,…

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Lloyd’s Maritime Academy

Lloyd’s Maritime Academy 355 209 Wikeby

Cap Marine Consultants developed Lloyd’s Maritime Academy’s online Docking Management course in 2015. We are still leading the online courses, guiding the students through the learning process. If online is…

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DNV Hull advisory services

DNV Hull advisory services 332 199 Wikeby

From 2008 to 2010 we developed a suite of hull advisory services for DNV, utilizing advanced 3D technology.

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Condition Assessment Program (CAP)

Condition Assessment Program (CAP) 460 276 Wikeby

Around the turn of the century, there were several accidents with large tankers due to a collapse of the hull structure, causing severe pollution of the oceans and coastline. In…

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Docking management methodology

Docking management methodology 1024 702 Wikeby

We implemented our Docking Management Methodology at a major South-East Asian container owner/operator and achieved a 34% reduction of docking off-hire over two years, corresponding to annual savings of USD…

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